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Last updated on 03/30/2009
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January 09, 2009

Resuming 2008/09 season!

We hope that you had a great holidays and ready to resume back to your soccer season with great performance and to have fun again with your teammates on the field. 

Good luck and enjoy your soccer season!

Aloha ~ Roger 

January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

As we will be facing some new economy challenges, we wish all of you the best wishes for 2009 off and on the soccer field with much success and fun!

Aloha ~ Charles Temanaha, Roger Mou and the management team.

December 06, 2008

Happy Holidays & Xmas Party

The club will be hosting our annual Christmas Party at Gordon Biersch on December 13, 2008.  For more information, please contact your team manager.

Happy and Safe Holidays!

December 05, 2008

Vaiete Premier

At the end of fall season, Vaiete Premier has taken 1st place lead of the MISO D1 overall standing with Bulls HSC sharing same points.  As we are going into the winter break, we hope that the team will resume with another successful soccer year in 2009.

May 18, 2008

Vaiete Premier in the Final!

Vaiete Premier has defeated firmly Lanikai in overtime 2-0 to move into the final championship game. Congratulations!  Vaiete Premier will be meeting once again Bulls HSC in the final game on June 01, 2008 at 3:00pm at the Waipio Soccer Complex.


Unfortunately, Vaiete Open was not able to pull an upset in the semi-final against Ko-Am playing with only 10 players for well over 70 minutes of the game.  But the team had a very good season and will even look forward for a better and stronger team next season.

May 16, 2008

All Vaiete in the Semi-Finals!

Both Vaiete Teams have qualified to the semi-final on May 18th at the Waipio Soccer Complex. 

1:00pm ~ Vaiete Open -vs- Ko-Am

1:00pm ~ Vaiete Premier -vs- Lanikai

Come and support both teams!!!

June 05, 2007

CHAMPIONS!!! Vaiete Open & Vaiete Premier

If you did not already know the news, both Vaiete Open and Vaiete Premier incredibly performed an outstanding game during the final championship game last Sunday (06/03/07) to win the MISO D1 & D2 title and to become the first ever champions for the calendar year of 2006/2007 season.  Vaiete Open -vs- Focus 1-0 and Vaiete Premier -vs- HSC Bulls 5-1.  CONGRATULATIONS!  Proud to be part of the tradition!

May 06, 2007


Both Vaiete Teams have qualified to the final on June 03rd at the Waipio Soccer Complex Stadium Field.  On May 20th, Vaiete Open defeated AC Honolulu 6-2 in the D2 semi-final while Vaiete Premier defeated Kapaolono Dawgs 2-1 in the D1 division.

The final games are scheduled as follow;

1:00pm @ Waipio Stadium ~ Vaiete Open -vs- Focus

3:00pm @ Waipio Stadium ~ Vaiete Premier -vs- Bulls

Come and support both teams!!!

April 23, 2007


Both Vaiete Open & Vaiete Premier Teams have qualified for the showdown of Division II and Division I semi-finals scheduled for May 20th, 2007.  Both teams will play their last game of the season this upcoming Sunday.  Who will they play? Yet to be determined in the quarter final....For Vaiete Premier...will it be lucky Lanikai or the fearless Bulls Juniors?  None less, Vaiete Open and Vaiete Premier have out performed their expectations.  Another Great Season!

April 22, 2007


Vaiete Premier Team clinches the Overall League 1st Place Championship...

It is the 3rd consecutive overall 1st place for Vaiete Premier Team, it's an outstanding accomplishment!  It is not easy to maintain a 1st place lead and when you do finish champions, it simply tells you how much your team worked hard together to form a strong nucleus.  A nucleus that we everyone in the club should be proud of for over 35 years of success!  Let's continue our traditional legacy!...Roger Mou, President of Vaiete Soccer Club, would like to take this moment to extend a special "Mahalo" to all the dedicated players for their loyalty to the past, current and future seasons; Olav, Chris, Walea, Renato, Kurt, Kahi, Jarrett, Majell, Iovo, Josh Kim, Joshua Magno, Zak, Will, Matt, Micah and Marc...."Hare Mua" ~ "Imua" Vaiete!

The Punahou boys soccer team win their second title in a row by defeating Kalani, 3-2.  Micah, Andrew and Matt play for our Vaiete Premier Team including their team captain, Will Jensen.  With this victory, we would like to welcome them back for the remaining MISO spring season! See you all back at practice!

Scott Liedtke joined the club in 1992 where he was instrumental to the success of the club under Roger Mou's management. He graduated from Hawaii Pacific University ~ moved back to California ~ pursued a coaching career as the National Soccer Coach for the Maldives ~ back to Hawaii as an associate director and assistant soccer coach for Hawaii Pacific University ~ Now, he is the new head coach and director of the Hawaii Pacific University soccer program. CONGRATULATIONS! With that, our club will be more active once again with HPU Soccer!



Vaiete Maui CHAMPIONS Fall 2006.  Vaiete Maui won their last game against Aztepas (3-1) to claim the championship title in the Maui League for the Fall 2006.  Congratulations to all the players and an outstanding job by Matt Snyder for keeping and perpetuating our legacy on the island of Maui.



Club Player's Award 2006:


  • Best Offensive Player: Kenneth Mau

  • Best Defensive Player: Dane Wurlitzer

  • Most Inspirational Player: Hia Chan

  • MVP: Antonio Espinoza (3 year straight)


  • Best Offensive Player: Renato Dos Reis

  • Best Defensive Player: Kurt Vereecke

  • Most Inspirational Player: Olav Fyrileiv

  • MVP: Walea Kalama

For more information on our awards, please click here or the "Awards" icon.


Vaiete Premier Team just finished half of its year long season by setting a record of undefeated games since winning the past two (2) MISO championships! The team will resume its season on January 14, 2007....


Vaiete Soccer Club will be traveling to New Zealand & Tahiti.  Click below for more information!


Aloha Everyone!

This was a reminder in the past and TODAY, we are going to reinforce this rule! DRINKING ALCOHOL at Waipio Soccer Complex is completely PROHIBITEDand against the LAW!  We understand that most of you would like to socialize after each game, however, we CAN'T give any reasons to the MISO Board to sanction our club with fine(s) for something that we are in control.  With that said, effective immediately, ALL CLUB MEMBERS are not allowed to consume ANY ALCOHOL BEVERAGES surrounding the MISO game areas.  Please let's be responsible and not let me patrol around to see a member drinking alcohol! 

Much Mahalo for your support and understanding.

President - Vaiete Soccer Club

 ~see message broadcasted by MISO's President~

Drinking of Alcoholic Beverages: As you all know, this is prohibited by the C&C of Honolulu, and such actions could cause us to lose our Park permits. On the weekend of 9/17/06, Lanikai Tuesday was fined by the League $100 for publicly drinking from alcohol containers. We're all aware that drinking does happen at many other sports parks, however two wrongs don't make a right. If some one so desperately needs to drink, then simply pour your beverage of choice into a plastic cup so to not advertise what you're drinking. Then make sure that you take ALL your alcohol related garbage (cans, bottles, bottle caps, beer boxes, etc) home with you. DO NOT DISPOSE OF ANY ALCOHOL RELATED GARBAGE IN THE PARK'S TRASH CANS!. This past weekend we had to remind a few teams and players of the consequences that such actions could bring, including a fine by the League. Please remind and control your players so we don't have to issue any more alcohol related fines. However we will not hesitate issuing fines to those disregarding this rule. 




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