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 In memory of our founder: Virau Ortas

Established in 1970, VAIETE, “where the water flows through the valley” its original club was named and founded in Tahiti, French Polynesia in 1926 as A.S. VAIETE (Association Sportive de Vaiete).  Mr. Virau Ortas founded Vaiete Soccer Team in Hawaii in June 1970, which is the oldest active soccer men’s team in the state. Our founder has proclaimed that a club member who is a Tahitian Native living in the state of Hawaii should carry over the legacy of the club and perpetua

te the team spirit and continue the glorify teamwork to the greatest accomplishment that each member can contribute to the club.   In 1976, Vaiete was the only club to form a semi-pro team in the State of Hawaii.  In June 1980, Mr. Charles Temanaha became the President and renamed the club, VAIETE SOCCER CLUB.  Throughout his management, he has gained many international experiences by traveling almost every year to places like, Mexico, France, Las Vegas, Tahiti, Australia, and the neighbor islands of Hawaii.   In April 1990, Mr. Charles Temanaha relinquished his title to Mr. Roger Mou who is currently the President.  The club was renamed, VAIETE SOCCER CLUB HAWAII- USA and has gained many state championship titles and placed the club to be one of the best in the state of Hawaii.  Since 1996, the club has implemented an annual player award system as an incentive bonus.  This award program is designed to stimulate an opportunity for any qualified players within the club to attend and play soccer at the next level.  The presence of high-caliber and positive attitude soccer players brings great prestige to the club.  Some of our players have eventually developed their soccer skills to the next level and made soccer as a career and we are very fortunate and proud to have contributed to their success.  These are the few players who have come back home and currently playing with our club who played college, semi-professional and professional soccer; Kenneth Mau, David Trifonovitch, Jose Dydasco, Michael Waring, Jerry Proctor, Matthew Snyder, Oth Souk Ngonethong, and our recent player who returned from Tahiti, playing semi-pro for A.S. Pirae, Walea Kalama & Iovo Stefanov.

 Vaiete Soccer Club Hawaii hosts the only annual adult soccer tournament called, “The Pacific Invitational Soccer Tournament”. This tournament was originally organized in 1999 with the invitation of several local teams including Vaiete Soccer Club Hawaii, Lanikai Tuesday, Hawaii Pacific University, Kapark and a team from Tahiti-Moorea, Tiare Anani.  The result of this tournament was very positive and friendly as Hawaii Pacific University took first place and Vaiete Soccer Club Hawaii second place.

In 2002, the tournament again has grown with a total of 16 teams participating at the Waipio Soccer Complex with more challenges and in 2003 as we are incorporating the women divisions into our tournament to bring a larger attendance to positively impact our soccer community and financial economic for the state of Hawaii with a total of 22 teams.  We are anticipating to grow this tournament and expose it internationally with many of our sponsors such as Gordon Biersch and Coca Cola.  In 2003, a new team was born, Vaiete Maui.  Matt Snyder has been appointed to lead this new edition into the family of Vaiete and will continue to support a long tradition...

Vaiete Soccer Club Hawaii is the first and only men’s club to offer a full informative website to our players and members.  This new website will give the club a new way to communicate among our members much more efficiently. 

Our club and tournament have received 2 merit awards issued by the Major of Honolulu, Jeremy Harris in 2001 and an Honorary Certificate issued by the City and Council in 2002.  Vaiete Soccer Club has a long history of being one the best team in the State of Hawaii for a period of over 30 years and still capturing Championship title and continuing our legacy of promoting good soccer among our club and within the community.

 Our mission statement is to respect each individual member of the club and create an absolute 100% teamwork effort. Winning will be the result of this accomplishment. Our future goal is to open and create a women division in the near future.  In addition, our club and all of its members comply and embrace the FIFA Code of Conduct and its 10 golden rules of fair play.

Mahalo – Thank You – Mauru’uru - Merci 

Revised: 01/2006